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The Official Trade Organization of the Nightlife Industry


Simplify government regulations and certify safety, security, sound and quality of service standards.

To make the nightlife industry safer and secure.
To protect and advocate the positive economic, social and cultural contributions of the nightlife & hospitality industry.


The American Nightlife Association is establishing a strong united collaborative voice, with government and neighborhood organizations; to develop 'best practices' standards, education, training and certification - to identify and de-escalate potential problems.

Our Community Involvement includes fundraising for educational event promotions, promoting neighborhood districts, recognizing industry leaders, developing networking and employment opportunities.

The American Nightlife Association provides Nightlife Professionals the leading source for news, trends, tools, resources, and strategies to increase revenues, and address political challenges.

Value-Added Benefits include discounts on Insurance, Music Licensing, Certifications, Manuals/Templates, Advertising and 1-on-1 Consultations.


JC Diaz,
Founder, American Nightlife Association
1st VP, International Nightlife Association

Lev Filiminov
Chief Marketing Officer

Josh East
VP, Music & Label Relations


Kate Becker, Director,
Seattle Office of Film and Music

Stefanie Jones,Nightlife Community Engagement Manager,
Drug Policy Alliance

Jocelyn Kane, Former Executive Director,
San Francisco Entertainment Commission (SFEC) 

Jim Peters, President,
Responsible Hospitality Institute 

Elizabeth Peterson-Gower, President,
EPG, Inc.

Paul Seres, Founding Trustee and Vice President,
New York City Hospitality Alliance 

Robert Smith, President,
Nightclub Security Consultants                   


Lutz Leichsenring, Founder,
Creative Footprint and spokesman
of Berlin Club Commission

Mirik Milan, Night Mayor,
City of Amsterdam 

Alan Miller, Founder,
Night Time Industry Association


Shain Shapiro, Founder and Director,
Sound Diplomacy and Music Cities Convention


  • Industry Activities
  • Bars
  • Karaoke 
  • Lounges
  • Nightclubs
  • Pubs
  • Taverns
  • Wine bars
  • Establishments with limited food service
  • U.S. Bar & Nightclub Industry

    • $783bn: Industry Gross Product, Food & Drink sales
    • $38.6bn Food & Drink sales of Non Alcoholic Beverages
    • $19.9bn Food and Drinks sales inside bars and taverns
    • $26bn: Industry Revenue
    • 2.1%: Industry sales increase in nominal terms.
    • 0.3%: Industry sales increase in real (inflation-adjusted) terms.
    • 65.8k: U.S. Establishments


    • 20.5m Number of people who went to bars or nightclubs in casinos
    • 7m people bought wine in nightclubs & bars
    • $20 Average Admissions to special events and nightclubs, including cover charges
    • 3% Percentage of U.S. respondents who redeem coupons at restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc. daily 
    • TBD Economic Impact (accommodation, cigarettes, rentals and packaged liquor)

    Industry Product Sales

    • 35% Sales share of beer and ale
    • 35% Sales share of distilled spirit drinks
    • 10% Sales share of wine
    • 15% Food and nonalcoholic beverages
    • 200m Beer barrels sold
    • 7m People who bought beer
    • 7m People who bought wine


    • $10.43 Median hourly wage of bartender
    • $4.82bn Total wages
    • $64.08 Revenue per employee
    • 14m Hospitality Industry Employees
    • 405k Nightclub Employees
    • 590k Bartenders (including at Restaurants)
    • 3m Hospitality Service Employees
    • 5.52 Average number of employees per establishment

    Source: Statista, First Research,

    This text provides general information. Nightlife Asociation assumes no liability for the information given being complete or correct. Due to varying update cycles, statistics can display more up-to-date data than referenced in the text.